Urban Studies, Master´s Programme (SAURS)

The aim of the programme is to deepen students knowledge of Urban Studies to be able to participate in research or qualified urban development investigations.
In the first year you will acquire an overview of the field of Urban Studies and its development. Students will then deepen their knowledge about current urban challenges in a global perspective as well as the growth of different urban conditions and forms. After this, you will deepen your abililty to critically examine and describe the encounter between people’s everyday life and the physical forms of the city. At the end of the first year an independent project is conducted.
During the second year you will take elective courses of 30 credits. To complete this part of the programme you can choose to do international studies at one of Malmö University’s partner universities or take elective courses at the Department of Urban Studies. The second year concludes with a Master’s Thesis of 30 credits.

Read more on Malmö University webpage: http://edu.mah.se/en/Program/SAURS