Leadership for Sustainability, Master’s Programme (SALSU)

The challenges of sustainability cannot be addressed with technical solutions alone. There is a need to rethink commonly held perceptions about leadership and organisational development. This master’s degree programme is multidisciplinary and deals with the issues of managing and leading organisational development to reach sustainability.
The programme comprises six courses.
Semester 1: ”Organising and Leading Sustainable Organisations” and ”Leadership and Organisation for Sustainability – Research Methods” provide students with knowledge and understanding regarding organisational and leadership theory and research methods for sustainability. ”Project Management and Sustainability” enables students to touch up project management in theory and practice while planning a sustainable project.
Semester 2: ”Sustainable development: Individual, Organisational and Network Perspective” and “Social entrepreneurship, social innovation and sustainability” provide in-depth knowledge on sustainable development and sustainability. The programme ends with the thesis work.
This programme lays a solid foundation for those seeking to work as key players in the development of a sustainable world, via the management of sustainable projects and organisational development. The skills acquired will be relevant for managers and leaders in local, national and international governmental bodies, the private and non-profit sector, and in consultancy work.

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